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It's always important to stay ahead of the curve. Because of this, we at Peacefully Profitable are constantly updating our training manuals and topics to fit the needs of our clients.

To retain team members and keep them engaged, CEOs need to prove they care about their employees beyond sales targets and success metrics. You have to show you value their wellbeing as individuals, first and foremost. 

Your next corporate seminar or team-building event can intermix mindfulness, motivation, AND fun! 

Your employees will leave the event feeling motivated, productive, and inspired like never before. They’ll have a hunger for pursuing workplace opportunities. They’ll know how to get their voices heard internally. 

With a team full of success hungry employees, there’s no limit to what you can achieve together.

Some of my favorite topics to discuss:

Winning Motivation Techniques and Other Must-Have Leadership Tools  

  • Proven techniques for motivating your employees to give their all
  • The power of sincere praise to motivate, build loyalty and keep good employees
  • The art of delegation — and why some women find it so tough
  • Key negotiation strategies for getting what you want without being a steamroller
  • Top 10 Tools: Goal-setting, coaching, team-building and 7 other supervisory essentials sure to earn you respect from employees, peers and top brass 

Effectively Handling Confrontation, Conflict and Other Uncomfortable Situations  

  • How to disagree firmly but tactfully, without backing down at the last minute
  • Why women so often fear confrontation — and a step-by-step method for calmly facing it head on
  • The 3-point A.C.E. method to conflict resolution
  • Quick-thinking strategies for handling cheap shots and hardball tactics
  • Tips for neutralizing paralyzing emotions so you can think straight when things get heated  

Strengthening your Workplace Productivity Skills

  •  How to break the urge to keep everything
  • A step-by-step method for turning piles into files
  • Desk-clearing techniques to make you look neat in just minutes
  • How to gain control of your desk, your storage systems, and even your walls
  • Effective alternatives to the “sticky note method” of remembering important things

If logistics, time and scheduling are issues and it’s difficult to get your team together for a longer training, consider the option of the presentations listed above in webinar format (1-2 hours)

Now that we've outlined a few of our employee success hacking topics, sign up for a discovery call below to see how we may lead your next employee engagement event or service your company needs.

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About the Founder

Shermikia has had a passion for mastering her productivity, leadership & peace for many years and with that experience came the passion to help businesses & individuals go from good to great. With that in mind, Shermikia continues to develop effective strategies on managing each of these topics. She enjoys bringing people together in a mastermind group to ensure that they endure the same passion for success.

Outside of the coaching world, Shermikia is a big fan of family time, reading & writing and having a cup of joe!

See what some of our clients are saying.....

Holly Beck

Well prepared and very knowledgeable!

Ms. Lemon spoke to our group of AmeriCorps members and did an excellent job. She was well prepared and very knowledgeable. I found her easy to work with and very friendly. She was engaging and able to connect with the audience to ensure all of their questions were fully answered. I would highly recommend Ms. Lemon to any organization seeking help with conflict resolution. 

Carl Pozyck

Positive asset to our community.

Ms. Lemon gave a presentation on Conflict Resolution at a training session for the AmeriCorps Partnership To End Homelessness. She demonstrated an experienced understanding about the subject, and did an excellent job conveying those ideas and concepts to us. 

Ms. Lemon obviously knows her stuff, which I am sure makes her a positive asset to our community. We are blessed to have women like her contributing to help make the world a better place.

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